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Tungsten carbide
The production and use of tungsten carbide is our core business. Depending on the application and requirements, we have more than 20 different carbide grades in our product range, which achieve optimum results in the numerous tools for woodworking, metal and composite materials working.
In particular TIGRA offers various HSS grades for planer knives and back corrugated systems, which are used depending on the application. For customers with high quality requirements, TIGRA provides the so-called "Matrix"-coated knives, which uniquely provide 3-5 times longer tool life.
Our TIGRALLOY, an alloy of cobalt, chromium and tungsten, is a special cutting material that achieves better tool life and surface qualities than carbide or HSS in certain applications, particularly in solid woodworking. TIGRALLOY can also be brazed very well.
In addition to eight standard and special grades, which can be ordered as blanks or customized segments, TIGRA has a PCD grade "MS-W", which is unique on the market and has especially been developed for woodworking.
Even harder materials than tungsten carbide and PCD are used in metal and composite material working. With nine different solid and single-sided coated PcBN grades, TIGRA covers all application areas that require an optimally fitting PcBN grade. PcBN is also available as blanks or as individually cut-to-size segments on customer request.
With CVD thick film diamond TIGRA completes the ultra hard material program. CVD, the hardest material, is used in various applications such as cutting tools or dressing tools. CVD is offered as a small square plate blank or in segments that have already been cut to size for individual customers.

Tools cut better with TIGRA

Besides the large selection of carbide for woodworking, metal working and working of composite materials as well as wear parts TIGRA has consistently been working on further cutting materials, so that today not only about 20 carbide grades, but also PCD, PcBN, HSS (HSS, HSS Black Oxide, HSS Black Oxide 18%, HSS Black Oxide M42, High Performance Steel,), TIGRALLOY and coatings (e.g. Matrix coating), complete the unique product range.