About us



  • As one of the first carbide manufacturers, TIGRA developed special carbide grades for many applications to improve tool life, machining speed and surface quality in woodworking.
  • Profile blanks for woodworking were first produced by TIGRA.
  • Together with numerous customers, TIGRA manufactures over a dozen exclusive tool systems.
  • TIGRA has proven its claim to innovation with a multitude of patented developments. This was underlined not least by the Anton Jaumann Award in 2002, a special business award for innovative companies.
  • Through its own personnel development, the promotion of new training courses such as mechatronics, cooperation with economic institutes and universities and the inclusion of diploma students in the design process, TIGRA makes a lasting contribution to strengthening the region and qualifications. Once again the IHK Schwaben awarded the TIGRA GmbH with a certificate to the " apprentice company 2022 "
  • Self-constructed and programmed machines with state-of-the-art measuring and readjusting units have guaranteed quality and flexibility at TIGRA for years.
  • The in-house control and switch cabinet construction enables the development of more and more advanced production plants.
  • With over 80 % export share and customers in 75 countries, TIGRA is one of the "global players" in carbide production with a multitude of products.
  • The multiple enlargement of the production area at the location Oberndorf am Lech in Germany by larger extensions and halls underlines the quality claim "Made in Germany".
  • With its unique know-how in the manufacture of carbide cutting inserts, sales offices in the USA, Brazil, China and international partners worldwide, TIGRA offers the most universal product range for cutting inserts made of carbide, HSS, TIGRAlloy, PCD and PcBN for woodworking, metalworking and composite processing. 
  • Thanks to good sales figures both in Germany and abroad, several years of investment in production buildings, high-tech machinery and equipment, as well as in research and new production technologies, the medium-sized company has always been growing and currently employs around 240 people at the Oberndorf site.

TIGRA's milestones


1983 Foundation by Dr. Harald Feld and Helge Motzer
1983 Start of the own grinding facility in Meitingen, Germany
1987 Beginning of the production of tungsten carbide for the cutting industry as well as for different wear applications.
1989 Presentation of the world´s first fully automatic profile grinding machine for the woodworking industry
1990 Manufacturing of control cabinets and programs for the domestic and international automobile industry
1990 Export quota reached 50% for the first time
1995 Construction phase 1 (3.800m²): New building in Oberndorf
1996 TIGRA becomes one of the world's supreme manufacturers for the carbide industry for woodworking
1999 Extension of the product range with new materials like HSS and TIGRALLOY
2000 Founding of the daughter company TIGRA USA, Inc. in West Jefferson, NC, USA
2002 TIGRA was honoured by a special German Economic Award as "the most innovative company in its economic region"
2004 Construction phase 2 (2.300 m²): Doubling of the production area
2005 Opening of the sales office TIGRA do Brasil in Curitiba, Brazil
2006 Presentation of the last profile grinding machine "TIGRA Evolution"
2007 Merger of TIGRA Hartstoff GmbH and TIGRA industrie electronic GmbH to the consolidated company TIGRA GmbH
2007 Foundation of TIGRA China in Guangzhou
2008 Moving of TIGRA USA, Inc. to Hickory
2009 TIGRA expands its product range by ultrahard products (PCD, PcBN) for metal and composite material working
2011 TIGRA USA, Inc. moved into the new own building in Hickory
2011 New foundation of TIGRA China in Beijing
2012 Construction phase 3 (1.300 m²): New logistic building
2015-2016 Construction phase 4 (3.350m²): New production hall
  Big celebration of the new production hall
2018-2019 New products: sophisticated preforms in own construction as well as standard milling cutter blanks for metal working
2023 Anniversary celebration "40 years of TIGRA"