AWFS 17.07. - 20.07.19

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of carbide cutting inserts for wood and metalworking tools, TIGRA introduced its new corrosion-resistant grades. In addition to the numerous carbide products, cutting materials such as HSS, TIGRALLOY, PCD and PcBN are offered to complete the unique range.

At the AWFS in Las Vegas, TIGRA presented a variety of products "Made in Germany", which achieve the highest durability, breaking strength and surface quality in natural wood as well as in chipboard, MDF and HDF: reversible knives, blanks for profiling, thin planer knives, planer knives for several systems, strips and tips for brazed cutters, rods and blanks for corrugated cutterheads.

The main focus of the show were its carbide grades T04F-CR, T07MF-CR, T03F-CR and T02MG-CR, which set new standards in various applications.