Laser cutting event at TIGRA


On 23rd November 2016, the TIGRA GmbH, together with LASERPLUSS AG, invited to a first technology day for laser processing systems. On this day, the new products in the field of laser processing of diamond tools were presented to a group of customers and interested parties.

In the recently officially inaugurated new factory building of TIGRA in Oberndorf, LASERPLUSS presented the RayCutter 2.0 which was shown at the AMB for the first time. The latest innovations of this laser processing system, such as the adaptive beam shaping and the new user software, were presented in lectures in details. Werner Schulz (CEO LASERPLUSS) demonstrated the outstanding results in a live demo at the laser system. Visitors were thus able to monitor the easy operation of the new software and the actual laser process in the machine via installed screens. A sample tool was installed on the machine, which could be evaluated by the visitors directly on the additionally exhibited Alicona measuring device after a processing time of almost two hours. Mr. Prößler (Alicona), who also presented the latest measuring possibilities in a lecture, supported the establishment and the operation of the microscope.

"I am amazed at the versatility and precision of the laser systems," said Michael Feesche from Emil Vincek Diamond Tools. The other visitors were also positively surprised by the possibilities offered by the laser processing with LASERPLUSS systems. An interesting dialogue between the participants arose in a family atmosphere at TIGRA.

In addition to the information on the laser systems, the visitors of the event had the opportunity to look behind the scenes of TIGRA by a guided tour through the production. Bernd Motzer (Managing Director TIGRA) also overviewed the different PCD grades and their optimized applications.

Manuel Dillmann (sales manager LASERPLUSS AG) summarized the successful first laser technology day in the following words: "The technology day should be a platform to advertise LASERPLUSS itself in the industry on the one hand, on the other hand it should be an excellent opportunity to present our latest product, the RC2.0, to the professional audience. We have received a very positive feedback for the event. The entertaining but very informative lectures have been perfectly complemented by the live-demonstration of the machine. I think our company could be presented as competent partner concerning the process and the machine. Now we look forward to exciting projects!"